Macam Mane Nak Remove Facebook Timeline

Wednesday, December 21,15:00 | 2 notes

How To Remove/Disable Facebook Timeline?

The answer for this question is, NO you can’t remove or disable the facebook timeline. Facebook Timeline is now live, previously when it was on Beta test there was an option of removing it but now facebook is forcing to use the new facebook timeline once you install it.
But I have a trick to allow you to remove facebook timeline.okey,it’s easy. highly efficient 100%. Okay, let’s follow this tutorial :

1. Go To Facebook And Login As Usual.

2.Go To Facebook’s Account Settings.

3. Go To Facebook’s Security Settings.

4. Okey ,Now ,Look At The Bottom Option And You Will See.

5. Click “Deactive Your Account”
6.Now, You Already Deactive Your Facebook Account.
7.Okey ,Now Go To Facebook.Com.
8.Fill In This Form :

9. Now You Get A New Facebook.
10. No Facebook Timeline ! It’s Cool Right?
Your Face Should Be Like This :

In fact, Facebook will make the facebook timeline as a default. so, no need to search in google on ”how to disable facebook timeline” .Thank you.Lets troll your member by sharing this post to them !

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Anonymous said...

ohh , nak kenakan saya ea ? hihii , joke joke . tapi mmg tu lah cara terbaik nak remove timeline . saya dah lama buat . jom kita buat sama sama . thehee . :D

Afi Nur said...

saya kasi petua nie kat kwn saya ~ diorg mrh hahaha....diorg kata arahan ntah pape haha~ (diorg x nak terima kenyataan la tue) hihi~ tp mmg terbaik la arahan dia haha~